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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Guess Booster Gold Should Make a Sex Tape

Dan Jurgens spoke to Comic Book Resources's Jonah Weiland at Comic-Con, and naturally Booster Gold came up.

Jonah Weiland: You're one of the few creators that comes back to a character they created for a company time and time and time again. Talk about your relationship with Booster Gold. (I know that sounds a little weird, but there is a real relationship you have with that character.)

Dan Jurgens:...I always explain it this way: whereas there's a plane coming down out of the sky, Superman flies up and catches it, lands it safely in Metropolis Park. Booster calls the media, says, "I'm going to go do, film this." He tries to catch it, he can't, the thing drives him down, and at the very last minute he makes it. He saves it, but with a rocky landing and he's just... you know, he has human faults that way. He's not perfect and he's trying to atone for his past. I'm attracted to that as a character... that he is a non-perfect human being. So, yeah, I like going back to that from time to time and DC has been kind enough to let me.

Weiland: In a way, it seems like Booster Gold makes more sense today than he did even back then.

Jurgens: What we were beginning to see back in the mid-80s was much more the emergence of the celebrity culture.... We had always had like athletes on a Wheaties box before, but the concept of people signing endorsement contracts even before they were named MVP or whatever was a bit different then.... You're right, it's built up to the point where Booster should be Kim Kardashian to a certain extent in the way he handles things.

You can find the rest of the interview (a little more about Booster but lots of reminiscing about the "Death of Superman" and Jurgens' career and longevity) at

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