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Monday, August 28, 2017

Batman and Harley Quinn (Take Two)

When I originally posted this clip from Warner Bros Entertainment's Batman and Harley Quinn in April, it disappeared before many of you got a chance to see it. Since the movie is actually being released tomorrow, let's try this again.

The movie was co-written by Jim Krieg and Bruce Timm (and Timm provides the voice for Booster!).

Given that Krieg is also a producer for Justice League Action, I think he deserves some extra credit for keeping Booster in the public eye during our hero's current absence from the DCnU. Thanks Jim.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Cartoons Golden Again

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment issued a press release earlier this month to tell the world that Justice League Action would be coming to DVD this October. The first release will be "Season 1 Part 1" and contain the first 26 episodes of the series.

While this is great news for any fan of fun television, beware that Booster Gold appears in only one of those episodes, "Night of the Bat" (the third episode of the series). Presumably we'll have to wait for next year's "Season 1 Part 2" to get the superb "Time Out." But we don't have to wait that long for more Booster Gold.

Tomorrow, Cartoon Network will air the Justice League Action episode "Booster's Gold" for the first time in America. The episode synopsis at reads "Green Arrow becomes involved with Booster Gold when he discovers that the self-centered superhero has brought dinosaurs back from the past for a money-making venture." Oooh. Count me in.

The episode was written by show producer Jim Krieg and Jake Castorena, director of "Time Out," does the same for "Booster's Gold." So I think we can expect good things.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Secret of Enjoyable Action

Some of you noted that Booster seemed slightly more ADHD than usual in his recent Justice League Action appearances. I attributed the behavior to the incredibly truncated running time of the episodes.

At Comic-Con International last weekend, the show's producer gave a slightly different explanation to SyFy Wire.

"The DNA is there of those characters," producer Jim Krieg said, "like Booster's a little bit of a dummy in the comics, and maybe we dial that up to 11. But everybody is sort of an exaggerated version of what they are in the comics. Actors get it immediately, and they ride that train to the end of the world."

(Wait a second. "Dial that up to 11." Was that a Spinal Tap reference?)

While I wouldn't call Booster a "dummy," it is true that he's not particularly concerned about what other people think of him (so long as they're thinking of him). And I'm certainly not going to complain so long as Justice League Action continues to be so much fun.

Keep up the good work, guys!

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Booster Gold Is JLAction's Fonzie

The latest DC All Access promotional video on YoutTube includes an interview with Justice League Action producer Jim Krieg. At about the 4:50 mark, Krieg says:

Every show you're hoping for a Fonzie, and we have, like, five Fonzies. Every time we'll bring a new actor into the booth, we'll hear P.J. Byrne's Firestorm [and] go "him, he's our breakout character." And then Dana Snyder will come in and do Plastic Man and [we'll] go "Plastic Man, definitely our break out character." And then when we have Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold and he also is a break out character. So it's all Fonzies. It's all Fonzies all the time.

That's some great praise, assuming you've ever heard of Fonzie. Krieg does know his show is aimed at children, right?

For you kids out there, Happy Days was a television show that your parents watched between 1974 and 1984. Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli was intended to be a minor character but soon became the focus of the show. Think Urkel in Family Matters.

Wait a second. Family Matters has been off the air since 1998. That's almost twenty years! Damn.

Sorry, kids. You're on your own.

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