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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Release: Zero Hour 25th Anniversary HC

Zero Hour, DC's attempt to correct lingering problems left over from simplifying their multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths, is 25 years old. My, how time flies.

To celebrate, the company is releasing a $150 Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus which contains over a thousand pages of reprint comics. That's about 14¢ a page, a deal by modern standards.

Booster Gold didn't play a big role in Zero Hour, but he is present (and does get in a few lines) before time is rewritten to erase him from existence. (Spoiler Alert: It's only temporary.)

Thanks to series author and artist Dan Jurgens, Booster also represents the future (in his classic, high-collar costume) in the accompanying fold-out timeline of the re-ordered DC Universe. That's always cool.

© DC Comics

Hopefully the Omnibus will include the fold-out. It's not much of a celebration without Booster Gold!

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Monday, October 21, 2019

My Favorite Covers: Booster Gold 11

If the 1980s was about anything, that thing was big business. Greed was good, deal making was an art, and Capitalism finally conquered Communism. Corporate interests dominated politics, and commercialism owned everything else. Into that environment came the original superhero salesman: Booster Gold.

No cover of the era exemplifies that aspect of our hero more than Booster Gold #11 (1986).

© DC Comics
Pencils by Dan Jurgens, Inks by Jerry Ordway

This image is a delightful snapshot of time when J.R. deserved to be shot, and Micheal Knight was a lone crusader in a dangerous world. Booster does his best Don Johnson impersonation in his square-shouldered white linen blazer. He winks at us over his Max Headroom shades, reassuring us that he knows what cool is. If this guy is selling, you're buying.

It might look like an ad for the most 1980s car ever, but what Booster is really selling here is comic books. You can't own a Brysler Boostermobile, but you can own this comic. I'd buy that for a dollar. And I did. Because I was cool, too.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Going Back to Cort

Booster booster Cort harvested a bumper crop of commission Booster Gold this season. Check them out!

Booster Gold by Keith Giffen
Keith Giffen

Booster Gold by Jerry Ordway
Jerry Ordway

Booster Gold by Norm Rapmund
Norm Rapmund

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold by Chris Giarrusso
Chris Garrusso

Boosterrific as always, Cort. Thanks for sharing.

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