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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Booster Buddies: Fin

Boosterrific Note: the following was sent to me in response to my April 10 post asking for Booster Gold fans to write in and tell us a bit about themselves.

Everyone, say hello to Fin.


I'm a bit of a Booster newbie, seeing as I've only been a fan for about a year and a half now. (To be fair, I've only been into comics for about... wow, has it been three years? It feels both longer and shorter than that!) I've had this website open in my tabs for about half that time, and love that this place exists for us to get the latest Booster-news, see art, and have fun and interesting commentary on his appearances (even if we don't agree sometimes; example one — sorry, but his second hairstyle was grossly militaristic and way too Sergeant Rock-looking, bring back the over-idealistic curl! XD). When you posted asking for fans to write in, I though, “nahhh, I'm not interesting enough,” but then I thought about how Booster would use it as a marketing opportunity and decided “what the heck!”

I actually can't figure out what my first introduction to his character was. When I got into comics, I kind of splurged into a lot of different things at once, and then my old Lieutenant (that's a different story) gave me a huge box of his old comics around that time, too. I could've first seen him in Justice League Action; it could've been in the Death of Superman issues (I know I have the JLA one after the Doomsday fight); it could have also been in the more memorable AIDS PSAs of that time period, but I distinctly remember being somewhat appalled by his character in those (in my defense, I didn't know him!); but it was most likely through the Blackest Night event.

As was the case with Booster, I'm not sure when I found this website, and probably found it a few times before I really FOUND it. It was, in all likelihood, when I was looking up a specific picture and clicked the link, purely because the bit of text from the website that Google images offers intrigued me. I really love it; you are ridiculously dedicated to the point where it's inspiring, you offer fresh, informed, and actually interesting reviews, and above all you're a pretty nice guy! (See: the aforementioned disagreement I have with you, and how you were respectful and kind when someone else disagreed in the comments. It's very refreshing when most people will just get angry whenever you disagree.) Your catalogue of appearances is very helpful to the new fan like me, and even more than that I appreciate the fan works that you spotlight, and finding him in fansongs and the like that you have listed is always a treat.

Now, since I started this with the tease of a self-marketing campaign, let's do another horrible segue into that! I'm a kid (well, technically adult, but actually a child) trying to eventually get into a minor editorial position at DC (with the lofty goal of one day establishing that long-ago, way back in the eighties talked-about Blue and Gold series), but I need some exposure before I get that far. As such, I'm currently working for a small independent press (traditional books, not comics) called Apprentice House. We can always use more manuscripts, and we've got a new batch of books I've worked on through acquisitions, editorial, marketing, and a bit of design! Check us out; we've also got more coming out in October! Beyond that, I'm currently writing a short comic that will be up on Webtoons in the coming months. It's for a short story contest, so views and likes and such are greatly appreciated (30% of the judging criteria, too, dern!). The title is “The Tree of Life is Rotting”; the plot is the same. Check it out, hopefully you'll find it interesting and a good read!

Thanks for your time in reading this long rant; I'm ending it now for everyone's sake! I hope you're staying safe, sane, and happy during this chaotic mess of a time, and I wish you a good day. Cheers!

Thank you, Fin. I'm sure you've already realized I only posted this because you said I was a nice guy and not because you're so wrong about hairstyles.

If anyone else would like to share and/or self-promote, please drop me a line through the Contact Portal or directly at walter(at)

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Friday, March 20, 2020

My Favorite Covers: Booster Gold 18

Last week, Booster booster Ariel complained about Booster's short haircut worn at the end of his run in the 1980s. He doesn't care for it. To each their own.

Personally, I happen to find it fetching, in no small part because that's the style Booster wore on one of my favorite covers: Booster Gold #18 (1987)!

© DC Comics

Maybe I'm just old school, but I love it when the image on the cover of a comic foretells what'll be happening inside its pages. Booster Gold lying defeated in the gutter? An unknown gunman with our hero in his sights? How will our hero ever get out of this? Open the book and find out!

Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway really know how to put together a cover, don't they? In Western culture, our eyes are trained to wander to the bottom right of a page. Jurgens is clearly aware of this visual scanning tendency and redirects our eyes back up through the body of the trenchcoated killer, down the barrel of the gun straight to Booster's heart. Powerful stuff!

(Who did that color? Was it issue colorist Gene D'Angelo? The warm red and gold really pop against that receding, cool green background. It's simple but effective use of complementary color theory.)

In addition to the beautiful artwork, I have to admit in the spirit of full disclosure that part of my admiration is likely due to the story within. It's one of my favorites. In fact, I recently declared it one of the 12 Best Booster Gold Stories Ever. I'll explain why on Monday.

See you next week!

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Monday, May 7, 2018

By The Hair of His Chinny Chin Chin

Whatever you think of writer Tom King's interpretation of Booster Gold in recent issues of Batman, I think we can all agree that we like the way Tony Daniel draws our hero. His take on bearded Booster Gold is already the talk of the Internet. (You know, the part that talks about super hero hairstyles.)

What do you think of Booster's beard? Would you like to see it stick around for future adventures? Or do you want your clean-shaven baby-faced Booster back?

This week's poll question: Should Booster Gold keep his beard from BATMAN 46? Please visit the Boosterrific Polls page to view results for this week's poll.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Only His Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Booster Gold skipped a digital issue of Smallville Season 11, but he's back for issue #48, and Skeet's is spilling his secrets!

© DC Comics

Booster Gold is a bottle blond? Heavens, no! Presumably, this is a sly reference to the actor who played Booster on Smallville, Eric Martsolf. Martsolf is not a natural blond. He has brown hair. The real Booster Gold has blond hair!

Also in this comic, Booster retells his origin for Smallville fans. In Smallville continuity, there isn't any mention of Booster's signature force field, and his Booster Shots, er, "wrist blasters," are made from 22nd-century technology.

You can download a copy of the issue from for just 99¢, or you can wait until the issue is collected in Smallville Season 11 #14 at your Local Comic Shop on June 12.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blondes Have Less Fun (in Comics)

Jon Erik Christianson of Boston University's Quad magazine recently investigated the relative personality traits of comic book characters as categorized by their hair color in "The ComiQuad: "Roots of Superhero Hair Color."

Unfortunately, most of the blonde characters also seem to fall under blonde stereotypes. Of the six men listed above, all except The Flash are known for being some of the most arrogant and vain superheroes.

Can you guess which Corporate Crusader was included in the list of blondes? In the real world, this would be libelous pseudo-scientific stereotyping by an individual's ethnicity. However, there's probably some validity in the deconstruction of colorfully costumed comic book heroes who typically thrive or die based on the quality of their graphic designers.

Hairless Skeets probably qualifies as bald under Christianson's classification system, and therefore evil. Poor, doomed, domed Skeets.

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