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Monday, September 17, 2012

The 10 Best Booster Gold Stories

Erin of Exploring the Time Lab has compiled a list of the "10 Top Booster Gold" stories. You may quibble about the order, but who can argue against her taste? In reverse order, her favorite stories are

  1. Booster Gold meets Superman in Booster Gold, v1, #6 (1986);
  2. Booster Gold vs Lex Luthor in Booster Gold, v1, #23 (1987);
  3. Booster Gold as International Man of Mystery in Justice League International, v1, #17 (1988);
  4. Booster Gold quits the Justice League in Justice League America #37 (1990);
  5. Booster Gold joins the Justice League in Justice League #4 (1987);
  6. Booster Gold faces down Broderick in Booster Gold, v1, #18 (1987);
  7. Booster Gold journey to becoming a Time Master in Booster Gold, v2, #1 (2007);
  8. Booster Gold faces down a dead Ted Kord in Booster Gold, v2, #26 (2010);
  9. Booster Gold saves the World in 52 (2006).

What is Erin's number 1 Booster Gold story? You're going to have to head over the the Time Lab to find out.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gold Exchange: Booster Gold #39

There was quite a drought of "Gold Exchange" columns for awhile there, and now it seems they are coming fast and furious. Russ Burlingame's latest "Gold Exchange" column was posted late last week at (Erin starlight has already commented on it here.) DeMatteis, like Jurgens before him, tends to give few concrete answers to Burlingame's questions, but his responses on how he views Booster Gold are enlightening. I can't ever have too much problem with anyone who clearly likes the character as much as he does.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Erin_starlight Sets the Record Straight

Let's start the week with a little sanity: I'd like to draw your attention to erin_starlight's livejournal entry from earlier last week, "Skimming the DC boards for BG, TMVP, and a little JLGL." Erin does a lot of what I don't do: speculation and editorializing on specific elements of the adventures of Booster Gold. (Well, ok, I do a little. I try not to, but you can't not have an opinion when you run a site like this. Plus, I'm easily excitable, so I tend to avoid the DC boards.)

In her recent post, she addresses several issues regarding Booster's recent publications including the identity of Rip Hunter's mother, Rani's destiny, and Ice's retconned past. I'm not saying that I agree with everything that she has said, but I appreciate that she is brings a knowledgeable and rational mind to discussing the talking points of the day. I think she makes some good points. Thanks, Erin.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Booster Gold: Family Tree

Let's finish the week the way we started it: with a site update. In addition to several new items in the "other media" section, the latest content added to is a visual family tree:

Booster Gold Family Tree at

Sure, this family tree could be considered entirely unnecessary given the scope and breadth of the rest of the site. But once upon a time, Erin requested it. And if there is anything that is all about (other than Booster Gold), it's the fans! So enjoy.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Middle Shelf Whiskey

Yesterday, TGB posted his strong dislike for the art in Booster Gold #34 on his blog, The Greatest Blog Youve Never Heard Of. His opinion is reflective of that posted earlier on the livejournal blog of erin_starlight, erin-starlight.

All of this outcry has to raise the question: how strong a role does art style play in the success of Booster Gold? Traditionally all super hero comics have been presented in naturalistic detail, and Booster Gold is no exception. Is Giffen's use of caricature such a dramatic departure from the norm as to be offensive to his audience? Or is it just too hard to maintain suspension of disbelief for a costumed melodrama when the adventures are rendered in a cartoonish style? Art appreciation is almost entirely subjective to the viewer, and I suspect that the discord that Giffen has struck in his audience has more to do with expectations than anything else.

These harsh criticisms put me in mind of much, much worse comic book art from the DC Brazilian Explosion of the mid 1990s. (Andrew Prenger just reviewed Extreme Justice on his blogspot blog, Booster Gold Fan Club. That, ladies and gentlemen, was bad art.) But maybe it was a style that was more palatable for its genre than what is found in Booster Gold #34.

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