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Monday, January 25, 2016

Animating Booster Gold

Batman: Bad Blood is the latest direct-to-video release by DC Animation. Eric Francisco interviewed Batman: Bad Blood director Jay Oliva for, and what he had to say might surprise you.

Francisco: What else can we expect in the future of DC Animation? What other books are you guys are looking to adapt?

Oliva: We do the Justice League continuity then Elseworlds, so there's a lot of things. I'd love to do Gotham by Gaslight. Even in this [Justice League] continuity, I’d love to do a Batwoman/Wonder Woman movie, based on that story. I thought it was a fantastic pair-up, you know? Or I’d love to go back and do a Flashpoint sequel or prequel.

Francisco: I'm going to shout out two random DC things and ask if there’s going to be a movie: Constatine. Are we going to see an animated Constantine?

Oliva: Hopefully. I love Constantine, he’s one of my favorite characters. I’d love to get [series lead Matt] Ryan back to do it, I thought he was great. [But] like I said, there's a whole list I'd love to do. I'd love to do Booster Gold, that would be a fun movie.

Damn right, that would be a fun movie.

So that's the director of a DC Animation movie saying on the record that he'd love to make an animated Booster Gold movie. That certainly doesn't mean it is happening, but so long as it remains a possibility, I'm not giving up hope.

You can read the whole interview on

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