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Monday, August 21, 2017

Whistling in the Dark

Americans across the country will be watching today's solar eclipse. They say that the path of this eclipse is a once in a lifetime event. That descriptor wouldn't mean so much if you were a time traveler like Booster Gold.

Harper's Weekly, Saturday, August 24, 1878

Enjoy the eclipse, everybody!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This Day in History: Eclipse Canceled

Booster Gold hasn't always had the most reliable appearance schedule. For every Booster Gold appearance you collected, there is probably one you missed. Maybe on purpose. Our hero's inclusion in Eclipso #18 likely falls into this category.

The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide describes this early 90s series as something trying "hard to be different — Eclipso is both villain and host — but in the end it becomes another team book because Eclipso's evil is too downbeat and serious for him to carry the narrative by himself." I assure you, it wasn't that good.

The series is best known for the mass murder of several minor C-List heroes in issue 13. This event was used to justify drawing the Justice League into the series starting with issue 14, including Booster Gold, in all his extreme 1990s power armor glory:

© DC Comics
Art by Luke McDonnell, Audwynn Jermaine Newma, Raymond Kryssing, & Tom McCraw

"It means we're all in deep doo-doo!" Ah, the 1990s. How I do not miss you.

Eclipso issue 18, released on this date in 1994, was the final issue of this series. Too bad the cancellation came five months too late to save Commander Steel and Major Victory. Rest in peace, guys.

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