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Friday, January 31, 2020

The Avengers

As longtime Boosterrific readers will remember from this post in 2012, the Marvel God of Thunder, Thor, can be seen (with Mjolnir!) in the background of Booster Gold volume 1 #6.

© DC Comics

Thanks to the new, high quality printing of Booster Gold: The Big Fall, it looks like Thor isn't the only Avenger in Booster Gold's friendly neighborhood.

© DC Comics

That photographer in Booster Gold #12 sure looks familiar. He doesn't happen to work for the Daily Bugle, does he? Is that you, Peter Parker?

Just how many Avengers did penciller Dan Jurgens hide in the backgrounds and crowd scenes of Booster Gold comics? Let the scavenger hunt begin!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Special Guest Star in This Issue? It's Thor!

My favorite part of running is discovering things I've never seen before in comics that I thought I knew. For example, just this week Ariel Justel dropped by the Boosterrific Facebook page to point out something I must have missed in my two dozen or so readings of Booster Gold, Volume 1, #6:

Image Copyright DC Comics

That's Thor walking through Metropolis' Centennial Park in the background of page 2, panel 1! I thought I had looked pretty hard at these pages, but I never realized that the little blue blob was Marvel Comics' Mjonir-toting God of Thunder until I broke out a magnifying glass to confirm Ariel's sighting.

What other Easter eggs has Dan Jurgens hidden in the original series that I'd never spotted before? Now I have a whole new reason to read my Booster Gold comics! Thanks, Ariel.

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