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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New Release: Detective Comics 1027

On Monday, I wondered if the solicitation for Generations: Shattered meant that Booster Gold was going to make a previously unannounced appearance in yesterday's Detective Comics #1027 anthology.

The answer is yes. Kind of.

© DC ComicsWords by Dan Jurgens, art by Kevin Nowlan, Hi-Fi, Andworld Design

First of all: The return of "Buster" Gold, a running joke as old as Booster Gold himself! (See page 2, panel 3 of Booster Gold Volume 1, #1!)

Second of all: Is that Skeets on Kamandi's arm? Kevin Nowlan may be the issue's credited artist, but boy howdy does that look like a Dan Jurgens circa 1992 design.

This story, "Generations: Fractured," has a very Zero Hour feel to it. I'm not sure whether that's intentional or coincidental, as Dan Jurgens did write and draw Zero Hour, after all.

We're told at the end of the story that it will be continued in Generations: Future State #1, but I have no idea what that will be. suggests that it is a series (mini- or otherwise) that Dan Jurgens will presumably be writing in 2021. However, on Twitter Jurgens seemed to have a bone to pick with some of Bleeding Cool's reporting, so whatever the truth is here is anyone's guess.

Just let me go on the record saying: Hey, DC, please, please, please publish a series by Dan Jurgens featuring Booster Gold and time shenanigans! I even promise not to complain about the cover price.

UPDATE 2020-09-17: BleedingCool has revealed a teaser poster for Future State coming January and February 2021. Which is slightly more than we knew before.

© DC Comics

Looks like we'll see more in DC solicitations next month.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Booster Gold in Detective Comics

Over at, DC indicates that it is shipping 22 books this week, and none appear to contain an appearance of Booster Gold! Travesty!

Amazingly, 7 of the 22, nearly a third, either have Batman in the title or on the cover. (An eighth cover pictures Bane, one of Batman's foes.) Looking forward, next week sees 7 books of Batman or his spin-offs out of 21. The trend continues with 10 of 27 in two weeks, and 9 of 21 at month's end! To be fair, these numbers do include a lot of Robin and trade collections, but that's still an astonishing amount of Batman related merchandise: 33 of 91 DC books in November feature a Batman-related property based on covers alone.

Is this big Batman publishing bat-nanza because the company is named after the initials of Batman's debut title, Detective Comics? Does this mean that we would be instead be seeing a flood of Booster Gold comics if the company was renamed BG Comics? I for one say yes. So get to it, DC. Change your name, and get us some more Booster Gold.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Detective Comics #27 > $1,000,000

So now that the comic book featuring the wealthiest hero in comics is the most valuable comic book in history, how much longer before the greediest hero in comics, Booster Gold, makes an appearance in 'Tec 27? Booster's already appeared in Killing Joke, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and Teen Titans #2, and he will soon pop into the events of Superman #80 (not to mention appearances behinds the scenes at Zero Hour and Crisis on Infinite Earths), so it can't be too long before he pops into another issue pivotal to DC history. With the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne, it seems like a pretty good time for Booster to visit the classics.

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