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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Sad State of Booster Gold Cosplay

Whatever happened to Booster Gold cosplayers?

A few years ago, when Booster was at the crest of his all-time popularity under the pen of Geoff Johns, there was a Booster at almost ever convention. Now we're lucky to spot a Booster once or twice a year.

The only costume I've seen so far in 2015 was worn by Mitch Slevc. But what we've lost in quantity, Mitch is making up in quality.

Mitch Slevc as Booster Gold at Nerd Prom 2015 (photo by Courtney Harrell)

Back in February, Mitch was named king of the 2015 Nerd Prom in Denver, Colorado, when he attended dressed as Booster Gold. Pay attention, cosplayers: if you want to win, you should dress for the Gold!

You can read more about the event (and Mitch) at (Photo and article by Courtney Harrell.)

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Nothing Says Etsy Like a Booster Gold Hoodie

I know I showed you a Booster Gold hoodie on Monday, and typically I wouldn't show you another one so quickly, but Courtney dropped by Monday's comments to point out this limited time offer:

Booster Gold custom hoodie by Hoodied

Hoodied, the seller of this handmade hoodie is currently taking orders for this Booster Gold-inspired hoodie, but will stop on April 20. That's this Sunday.

So if you want your very own Booster Gold hoodie — and who doesn't — hurry over to and place your order. Be forewarned: this Boosterrific beauty will set you back $130.00 plus shipping. It's a small price to pay for fashion this golden.

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