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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Year in Review, Day 4

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled Thursday poll to continue "Year In Review" Week. The poll will resume next week.

The second most-viewed post of 2013 was actually posted on December 31, 2012.

The JLA Trophy Room Challenge

Booster Gold's classic powersuit was item 13 of the 45 items in this contest originally presented in Wizard's JLA Special in 1999. I challenged you, my readers, to name the other 44 items and post your answers in the Boosterrific Forum. I'm still waiting to give out the prize of an original Booster Gold sketch drawn by me!

Number 1 tomorrow.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

JLA Trophy Room Challenge

The following poster was published as part of a contest in Wizard's JLA Special in 1998. You'll note Booster's original costume is in the exact center of the poster. That costume was lucky number 13 of the 45 items needing identification in the Wizard contest.

The JLA Trophy Room Challenge

Time for a little audience participation. Who can name the other 44 items in the picture?

Click on the image above for a larger image of the poster. And click here for a visual key of which items need to be identified. You can leave your answers in the comments below or discuss the items in the Boosterrific Forum. (Naturally, a Justice League challenge should promote teamwork!)

When Wizard published this poster in 1998, they offered some original Howard Porter art to the person who could come up with the most answers. I don't have any original Howard Porter art lying around, but anyone can name all 45 pieces, I'll give that know-it-all an original sketch of Booster Gold by me!

There will be no post tomorrow for New Year's Day, so you have plenty of time to work on this. Good luck.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Superman Homepage Caption Contest

Think you're clever and looking for something to pass the time? Consider entering the current Superman Homepage's caption contest. This week's image is from the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Greatest Story Never Told," the greatest cartoon ever made.

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