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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This Explains So Much

Mark Millar has found the secret to success: think up a killer idea, turn it into a comic mini-series, sell it to Hollywood. That formula has worked for Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman. Next up: Chrononauts, which hasn't even seen three issues yet.

More than one person has noticed a similarity between Chrononauts protagonist Danny Riley and Booster Gold. Matt Kamen asked Millar about their similarities for Wired Magazine UK.

Kamen: One of Chrononauts' leads, Riley, struck me as a Booster Gold riff -- both blond, narcissistic time travellers. Was that deliberate?

Millar: The funny thing is that Booster Gold came a little too late for me. He came in during the late 80s. I read Justice League way before then, so had no idea who he was. My DC period was from the ages of nine to about eighteen, so I kind of missed him. I dropped DC a little after Crisis on Infinite Earths. I didn't come back apart from dipping in on special projects like Kingdom Come.

So it's just an accident that the two characters are a lot alike? Is that the truth, or just what Millar has to say to stay clear of DC's legal department? Whether the similarities are intentional or not, things could get sticky for DC fans if Chononauts lights up theaters with a character sharing most of Booster's schtick. How likely is DC to make a movie including Booster Gold if it looks to the public like they're cribbing from Mark Millar?

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