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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sticking Together

The now familiar Chris Batista art of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold running away from an angry mob (as seen in Booster Gold #34) will soon be available as a pair of vinyl decals from Elephant Gun.

© Elephant Gun

Just like the Dynomighty wallet that used the same art, the stickers are a Previews Exclusive available only to comic shops. They'll be available this October with a $6.00 suggested retail price. Remember, if you want it, you'll need to remind your Local Comic Shop to order it!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Blue and Gold Dynomighty Wallets

Remember back in February when we learned about Dan Jurgens' least favorite Booster Gold drawing ever? Now it's available on a wallet!

Previews Exclusive Dynomighty Mighty Wallet featuring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Though you can have your pick of DC Comics-themed styles of Mighty Wallets on, if you want Blue and Gold (as drawn by Chris Batista for Booster Gold, Volume 2, #34), you'll have to order it through your Local Comic Shop. This sucker is a Previews Exclusive. From the item description on

The outside of the wallet features images & logos of heroes Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, while the inside features classic artwork from the pages of DC Comics! Made of 100% eco-friendly recyclable, tear-resistant, and water-resistant material. Includes 2 large pockets for cash and receipts, 2 credit card pockets that expand to hold lots of cards, and 2 quick access business card pockets.

(I know this is nit-picky, but that's the Infinite Crisis era Jaime Reyes "Blue Beetle" logo. I hope this is just mock-up art, and the actual wallet has the Crisis on Infinite Earths era Ted Kord "Blue Beetle" logo as seen on Convergence Blue Beetle. I always insist on period accuracy when it comes to the decoration on my wallets.)

The wallet ships in late May, but you'll want to get your order in now!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dan Jurgens Hates Cowards

A few days ago, Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens made a pretty strong statement on Twitter.

Perhaps my least favorite shot of BG ever. Running in total fear from a threat? Have always hated that image. @thedanjurgens

The inspiration for Jurgens' comment was Booster booster Keith Callbeck's post of Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family mash-up cover of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle running from the Hulk. Pearsall's inspiration was the opening splash page of Booster Gold, Volume 2, #34, drawn by Chris Batista in 2010. Specifically, it is this panel by Batista that Jurgens takes issue with:

© DC Comics

It's easy to understand Jurgens' dissatisfaction with Batista's choice of poses and expressions. That panel has gained some traction on the Internet in recent years. You may have seen it copied by Blue and Gold cosplayers. Howard Porter's 2015 cover for Justice League 3000 #12 saw a similar scene of the panicked pair.

© DC Comics

That wasn't always their reaction to trouble. In their Justice League International heyday, Beetle and Booster were chased by mobs of angry citizens, vampires, middle-eastern dictators, runaway islands, demons, and countless super villains. Yet Kevin Maguire, the artist most associated with the Blue and Gold pairing, never showed Blue and Gold turning tail in fear.

So what's the right way to depict Blue Beetle and Booster Gold running for their lives? Here's Dan Jurgens' take on the scenario in Booster Gold, Volume 2, #7 (2008):

© DC Comics

Ok, so maybe Beetle is still scared. But look at Booster. What a hero!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Releases: Booster Gold & Generation Lost

Big week this week as Booster Gold #43 and Justice League: Generation Lost #23 are scheduled to hit stands today. This is the penultimate issue of Generation Lost. After the big reveal in last week's Brightest Day #23, what could be in store for the JLI as they head into "the most awesome fight in comic book history"?

But that's not all! Also due out today is the latest Booster Gold collection, Past Imperfect. This issue collects the first six issues by the creative team of Giffen/DeMatteis/Batista/Perotta. That's pretty good timing, seeing that today's Booster Gold #43 is the last issue created by the Giffen/DeMatteis/Batista/Perotta creative team. (Booster Gold-creator Dan Jurgens makes his return next issue!)

Buy all of them and make Skeets happy.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before and After

Yesterday DC released a preview of Booster Gold #42 in the Source, and it's interesting to compare the solicitation cover art with the finished work.

Cover images for Booster Gold #42

Both images were drawn by Chris Batista and presumably inked by Rich Perotta. The solicitation image on the left was probably colored by a DC staffer; the final image on the right was colored by Hi-Fi Designs. What a difference a bit of computer color makes.

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