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Monday, April 9, 2018

For the Man Who Has Everything (But Parents)

I gave you the new cover to Batman #46 Friday, and the DC Batman Panel at C2E2 this past weekend gave us some exciting news about what you might find behind that cover.

Fair warning: the following post has light spoilers for next week's Batman #45, so cover your eyes if you don't want to know too much before you have the issue in your hands.




Still here? Ok. One additional warning! The preview images DC has released for this issue that can be found at any of the following links are uncommonly violent. (I might be getting prudish in my advancing age, but golly gee, maybe the Comics Code wasn't such a bad thing.)

Now, as I was saying, according to Newsarama's coverage of C2E2, quote

DC Comics has confirmed during their Batman panel panel at Chicago's C2E2 convention that the Booster Gold team up arc starting in April 18's Batman #45 will take place in an alternate world where Booster Gold has gone back in time to save Thomas and Martha Wayne - and inadvertently prevents Bruce Wayne's birth.

That news seems to come directly from writer Tom King himself. Rich Johnson has more detailed spoilers at for those of you who really want the dirt.

The rest of us will find out what the big deal is next week when Batman #45 will be in our Local Comic Shops. I advise reading it on an empty stomach.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ty One On

Booster booster Herbert Fung has always been very generous in sharing the Booster Gold commissions he collects from the annual Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. In past years, he's collected sketches from Adam Hughes and David Finch. What did Herbert get this year?

Booster Gold by Ty Templeton (courtesy of Herbert Fung)

It's a commission by Booster Gold Volume 1 inker Ty Templeton! Man, I love that high collar.

Thanks again, Herbert!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Vacation Art: Day One

I'm out of town and away from the computer for the week, but I've still got your daily dose of Booster Gold covered.

Buster Gould by Ryan Browne

This C2E2 commission is from the tumblr of Ryan Browne, who you may know Browne from his comic, God Hates Astronauts.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Is That Made of Real Gold?

Herbert Fung emailed me a few weeks back with this cosplay pic he snapped at Calgary Comics & Entertainment Expo 2014 in April:

Booster Gold cosplayer at C2E2 by Herbert Fung

Thank you, Herbert. I still say the colors in that costume are more vibrant than in a comic book! (Check out those airbrushed abs!)

In related news, today is opening day of DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. There's always plenty of DC cosplayers at DragonCon, so here's fingers crossed that we'll see more Booster Gold cosplay pics maybe as soon as Tuesday. (Reminder: Monday is Labor Day, so no post.)

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Better Tardis Than Never

David dropped by the comments on Tuesday's post about C2E2 cosplayers to point out that I had left out an important participant. Namely, I'd left out him. And he seems none to happy about that. Clearly, he went through a lot of trouble to let me know.

David as Booster Gold at C2E2

Sorry about that oversight, David. I'd hate to miss a Booster Gold costume with a sweet collar like that. I'll try to be more thorough in the future. Or the past. Or whenever. (Time travel is so complicated.)

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