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Monday, June 17, 2019

With Special Guest Star

Danny Nielsen contacted me to say that he has been adding more Booster Gold comics to his collection but doesn't "feel the need to own everything that he ever appeared in (cameo's ect...) Is there a way to filter on 'Featured' appearances on the site?"

The answer, Danny, was no. Until today.

For you and people like you, I've add a new list to in which Booster's appearances can be sorted by how big a role Booster plays in the story. You'll find it on the Boosterrific! Featured Comic Book Appearances page.

Appearances are sorted into "featured", "supporting", and "cameo" roles based largely on my judgement. Featured roles are starring appearances. Supporting roles see Booster playing a smaller but necessary part of the story. Cameos are comics in which Booster appears for one page or less, usually gratuitously.

These categories are not always so clear, so be forewarned that my judgement may not be exactly the same as yours, especially in team and ensemble books. Take for example The OMAC Project mini-series and the 52 maxi-series. I classify Booster's role in the former as supporting but the latter as featured. You could make an argument in the other direction in both cases, if you were so inclined.

Good luck with your collection, Danny.

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