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Friday, October 26, 2012

That Didn't Last Long

Remember when Booster Gold was given some bad advice by his trusted sidekick and lent his endorsement to Akteon-Holt pharmaceutical company? (See here for details.) Yeah, this story isn't quite that bad. Maybe it's more like that time that Fire destroyed Booster's plan to sell swimsuit calendars (as seen in Justice League America #71).

For reasons beyond my control, Cellbloc Studios has withdrawn our Kickstarter campaign for Dungeon Wars. There are certainly no super villains involved, just a bunch of well-intentioned people who realized too late that they were moving in the wrong direction in relation to one another.

Image Copyright DC Comics

We do plan to re-tool the game and re-launch a fundraising campaign as soon as we can, probably after Christmas. (As you might expect, Christmastime is a bad time of year to ask for donations for a start-up video game company.) We do have other plans and unexplored opportunities and hope to emerge from this situation stronger than before.

I would like to offer a hearty thank you to anyone who donated or had considered donating to the aborted Kickstarter campaign for Dungeon Wars. I hope that you will consider joining us when we relaunch our project in the future.

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