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Friday, November 3, 2017

I Still Have My Left Arm

Back in May, I mentioned here on the blog that I was really taken by a Skeets knit hat worn by a cosplayer.

My friend Michael heard my plea, and as an early birthday present, he gifted me with a Skeets to call my own!

My own Skeets knit hat by Shanay Cobb

The hat was knitted by the very talented Shanay Cobb who had only the photo from my previous post to work with. You can see more of Cobb's work at and

Thanks, Michael and Shanay. My ears are sure to be well protected this winter now that Skeets is on the job!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Old Old Release: Adventures of Superman 458

My friend Michael Foster is always on the lookout for Boosterrific appearances that aren't on this site. Usually, I'm a step ahead of him, but yesterday, he struck gold.

Check out these panels from 1989's The Adventures of Superman #458:

© DC Comics

Not only is that an issue I didn't have, it's also a product endorsement I was previously unaware of. (Apparently, I've been using the wrong deodorant for years!)

Way to go, Mike. Thanks for helping make the Internet's number one Booster Gold reference site more complete than ever.

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