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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The African Fox

When reading Justice League International #2, I noticed something about Booster Gold's new teammate Vixen that is perhaps best summarized by Grey Scherl in his review of the issue for Comics Nexus:

Vixen is a complete and utter waste of a character who is here, quite literally, so she can point at a screen and describe it as her "Native Africa". Yeah. Vixen made the team because she's African, and that's her characterization. I'd probably be offended if I cared at all about the character, but I don't, so I'm not.

Otherwise, Sherl's review is very positive, giving the issue a rating of 8 out of 10.

To be fair, the series has been pretty up-front about the fact that most of its members were selected to meet United Nations quota. Add to that the fact that there have only been two issues of the new JLI so far. There's still plenty of time for Jurgens to develop the character, so maybe this criticism is unfair.

However, this brings us to the point I wanted to make, the point that many of us fans of the former DC Universe are still struggling with: how much of the personalities of the characters we love is still intact in the DCnU? Sure she looks pretty much the same, but it's been two months, and fans of Vixen still have no idea how the DCnU Vixen compares to their beloved DCU Vixen. Other than Batman and the Green Lanterns, that applies to most other characters int eh DCnU.

Until we get answers to questions like that, there is going to be some concern and resentment from fans about the new paradigm of the DCnU.

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