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Smallville Season 11

“Haunted, Chapter 4”

Volume 1, Issue 12, June 2013
Released April 3, 2013

Cover Price: $3.99
Guide Price: $3.99 (as of 2013)
Estimated Issue Sales: 15,930

Smallville Season 11, Vol. 1, #12. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Penciller: Jorge Jimenez
Inker: Jorge Jimenez
Colorist: Carrie Strachan
Letterer: Saida Temofonte
Assistant Editor: Sarah Gaydos
Editor: Kristy Quinn

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Cover Description: Impulse tries to stop a fight between Superman and the Black Flash. (No Booster Gold.)

Brief Synopsis: Superman and Impulse conclude their fight against the Black Flash.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
None (Booster Gold does not appear in this story)

Costume Worn: Smallville Booster Gold

Issue Notes: Booster Gold does not appear in this issue. A box of cereal picturing Booster's face does.

Story Notes: This book was originally released online at in three installments (#38-40) for 99¢ each. This print edition has a cover price of $3.99 — $1.02 more than the cost of the digital issues combined — and for this extra expense this book contains 2 additional pages of original art and character sketches, a 2-page synopsis of Smallville season 6 (episodes 12-22), the DC Comics All Access page, and 11 pages of ads.

This story has been reprinted in:
Smallville Season 11 Volume 3: Haunted (2013)

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Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 21, panel 1
PRODUCT PLACEMENT: Lois Lane is seen eating from a box with Booster Gold's face on it with the label "Booster Gold Cereals." This is the only appearance of Booster Gold in this issue. (Appearance noted by Shawn Baston.)

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