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Justice League Unlimited

“Nuts and Bolts”

Volume 1, Issue 13, November 2005
Released September 8, 2005

Cover Price: $2.25
Guide Price: $2.25 (as of 2007)
Estimated Issue Sales: 10,913

Justice League Unlimited, Vol. 1, #13. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Adam Beechen
Penciller: Carlo Barberi
Inker: Walden Wong
Colorist: Heroic Age
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Editor: Tom Palmer, Jr.

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Cover Description: Red Tornado and Steel are linked via cables while John Stewart, Superman, and Wonder Woman rush towards them. (No Booster Gold.)

Brief Synopsis: When Red Tornado runs Amok, it is up to the Justice League to get him under control and restore the League's good name.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Supporting (Booster Gold plays a lesser role)

Costume Worn: Justice League Unlimited

Issue Notes: This series is based on the events and characters depicted in Cartoon Network's Justice League Unlimited television series. Though these characters and events are similar to their comic book counterparts in the Justice League, there are varied and noticeable differences.

This story has been reprinted in:
Justice League Unlimited Volume 3: Champions of Justice (2006)

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Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 6, panel 2
Booster Gold is attending a Justice League meeting on the satellite Watchtower when Red Tornado comes rushing through. Also in attendance are Animal Man, Atom, Batman, Glue Beetle, Captain Atom, Elongated Man, Fire, Firestorm, Flash, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Gypsy, Ice, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle, Power Girl, Steel, Supergirl, Superman, Vigilante, Wildcat, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna.

Page 7, panel 5
When Red Tornado crashes through a Watchtower window, all of the Leaguers assembled are pushed out into space, including Booster Gold. Oh, no! What will a character with an force field power do? Oh, that's right, he'll get rescued by Green Lantern, who creates a force field.

Page 10, panel 2
Booster Gold and the rest of the League trace Red Tornado's signal device to Phoenix, Arizona, where Tornado has been destroying buildings and roads. (Did they really need a signal device for that? Wouldn't CNN be covering widespread destruction in a major American city of 1.5 million citizens?)

Page 15, panel 5
Booster Gold and Green Lantern charge Red Tornado (perhaps in an attempt to trap him in a force field?), but they are both incapacitated when Tornado "switched from a tornado to a vortex...!" It isn't clear what Green Lantern means by this statement, as a tornado is a vortex. (He's an engineer, not a weatherman.)

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