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Injustice 2

“Universe in Peril”

Volume 1, Issue 29, August 2018
Released July 4, 2018

Cover Price: $2.99
Estimated Issue Sales: 9,666

Injustice 2, Vol. 1, #29. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Bruno Redondo
Inkers: Juan Albarran, Bruno Redondo
Colorists: Rex Lokus, J. Nanjan
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Assistant Editor: Liz Erickson
Editor: Jim Chadwick
Cover Artists: Bruno Redondo, Jose Villarrubia

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Cover Description: Booster Gold recruits for the Titans (Starfire, Wonder Girl, and Superboy) with Lobo crashing the party.

Brief Synopsis: Booster Gold leads the Titans into space to recover Blue Beetle, who has been kidnapped by Lobo.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Featured (Booster Gold plays a prominent role)

Costume Worn: Injustice costume

Issue Notes: This book was first released online at in two installments (#57-58) for 99¢ each. This print edition has a cover price of $2.99.

This story has been reprinted in:
Injustice 2 Volume 5 (2019)

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Page 4, panel 2
Booster Gold has moved into the recently rebuilt Kord Industries building, and he and Skeets are playing hosts to Jaime Reyes, Conner Kent, Cassie Sandsmark, and Koriand'r, all collectively known as the Titans.

Page 4, panel 4
PRODUCT PLACEMENT: A box in the corner of the panel is filled with Booster Gold merchandise. Most of the products exist in real life: a Funko Pop! figure (released 2017), a DC Universe Classics action figure (released 2009), a DC Universe Classics Blue Beetle action figure (also 2009), a Justice League Unlimited action figure (released 2008), and what appears to be some sort of ball. In addition to all these things is the Supernova costume, which, frankly is a bit of an anachronistic Easter egg here. (If the events of Infinite Crisis and 52 happened in Injustice continuity, they must have been somewhat different. After all, we know Ted Kord didn't die. Why would Booster have needed to create an additional alter ego?)

Page 7, panel 4
The Kord Industries building is destroyed for the second time. Last time the culprit was Ra's Al Ghul. This time, the destroyer is...

Page 9, panel 1
...Lobo, who Booster attacks. This may not have been a good idea.

Page 10, panel 3
POWER UP: As Lobo escapes with an unconscious Blue Beetle, Skeets attaches a homing beacon to Lobo's space chopper. This is a new ability for Skeets. That the homing beacon is shaped like a blue beetle indicates that this is technology created by Ted Kord.

Page 13, panel 7
FASHION ALERT: Booster Gold has accessorized with a new jacket for his trip into space. I think we'll call this variant "Space Jacket Booster Gold."

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 14, panel 1
Booster and the Titans board the Justice League's Javelin spacecraft in the Hall of Justice. This is another Easter egg indicating a deviation from conventional DC Universe continuity. The Javelin was created for the Justice League Unlimited television show.

Page 17, panel 3
Batman puts on his cowl just to dress down Booster on a video monitor. Strictly speaking, this is unnecessary; everyone present knows he is really Bruce Wayne. Still, secret identities should be taken very seriously. And Batman is nothing if not always very, very serious.

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