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Booster Gold SDCC 2023 Facsimile Edition


Volume 1, Issue 1, September 2023
Released July 20, 2023

Cover Price: $15.00
Estimated Issue Sales: 1,000

Booster Gold SDCC 2023 Facsimile Edition, Vol. 1, #1. Image © DC Comics



Cover Description: The silver foil outer cover re-uses the art from Booster Gold #1 on both the front and back of the book. The back cover includes the title and identifies it as a "Silver Screen Convention Exclusive Variant Cover."

Issue Notes: This book, with a print run of exactly 1000, was sold by DC directly to fans physically attending the 2023 San Diego Comic Con for $15.00 each. Despite being publicly promoted by DC as the "Silver Screen Edition" of Booster Gold #1, the issue indicia officially identifies it as "BOOSTER GOLD 1 (SDCC 2023 FACIMILE EDITION)".

Reprint Notes: Reproduces the original printing of Booster Gold #1, including original cover art plus original ads and letter page, in exactly the original order on better paper. The original cover (reproduced on cover stock behind the foil) and story pages reuse the re-mastered art from The Big Fall (which changed some coloring and eliminated "continued on 3rd page following" narrative boxes). Close comparison reveals other minute changes: the new book is slightly taller and narrower than the original (by 2-3 millimeters), and some ads are slightly resized to eliminate page borders. In other words, it's not an exact copy to what you could have bought off newsstands in 1985, but it is very, very close. Boosterrific!

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