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Monday, March 28, 2011

Viral Ads at Boosterrific

This weekend, the following was posted in the comments here at Blog for a post about last year's Comic Con.

Bob posted on Mar. 26, 2011 at 8:52 AM
That's awesome Geoff Johns is writing another episode of Smallville, I liked what he did with the Justice Society in a previous episode. I don't know your personal preference, but I need my Smallville in HD. Just to let you know, DISH Network has plenty of affordable packages with HD right now and you can find information on how to get free HD on DISH Network's official website. Don't you want to see Smallville in HD?

A friend of the site pointed it out and suggested that I delete it as obvious viral marketing. However, the commenter, Bob (bot or not?), was careful to respond to the content of the original post and did not include a direct link to the site he is clearly shilling for. I happen to think that Booster Gold would be particularly pleased by this sort of viral marketing, so I think it should remain a valid comment here on the site, don't you?

Besides, I do kind of want to see Booster Gold in Smallville in HD.

(This comment also included encoding translation error artifacts, exactly like a post last week by Erin. Two in one week; it's a sign! I therefore took the time to adapt the script to eliminate these irritating bugs. Hopefully.)

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