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Monday, June 8, 2020

No Permission Slip Needed

Booster booster J dropped me a note late last week to say that Booster Gold had been spotted somewhere I hadn't thought to look: in a young adult graphic novel.

Secret Hero Society: Field Trip Disaster

Field Trip Disaster is the fifth entry in the "Secret Hero Society" series from Scholastic Books. All the books in the series were written by Derek Fridolfs, and this one was illustrated in a black and white, breezy style by Dave Bardin. It's been out since 2019, but J's note was the first time I thought to crack the cover.

The plot is mostly about young Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman traveling to the future and meeting the Legion of Super-Heroes. This presents the opportunity for the heroes to meet a lot of lesser-known DC characters, including Etta Candy, Lobo, Space Cabbie, and, of course, Booster Gold (and Skeets!), who is teaching 21st-century history to 31st-century students.

Secret Hero Society: Field Trip Disaster

Booster only appears on 6 of 175 pages, but the entire book is cute and funny, and I'm glad to have added it to my collection. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, J.

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