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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Fools. Bureaucratic Fools.

Booster Gold does not appear in this week's Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1, or as Booster booster Rob Snow recently called it, Countdown to Dark Crisis. (I love that title. I mean, seriously, DC, It was right there! )

Although there's no Booster to be seen here, there are still two things I find interesting about this issue.

Thing 1: Despite its cover blurb that "It All Starts Here," Dark Crisis #0 was already released for Free Comic Book Day, and that's not even counting the Justice League issue where the team died or the three Infinite Frontier mini-series that led up to their deaths. So it really began months ago. Or, really, decades ago, since this is very overtly a retread of the seminal 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Thing 2: Booster Gold isn't on the cover. And before you tell me that's not unusual for a book Booster Gold is not in, let me explain.

I'm talking specifically about the issue's variant cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn:

© DC Comics

As you can see, Crisis on Infinite Earths' Pariah is sitting on a throne built of long-boxes of comics reading other comics featuring other famous DC "crisis" events. The book in his hand is the Silver Age Justice League of America Volume 1 #30 (1964), in which the JLA of Earth-One and the JSA of Earth-Two battle the Crime Syndicate of America of Earth-Three in a story called "The Most Dangerous Earth of All." (It's a great "meta" cover for an issue that expects its readers to know the ins-and-outs of 40 years of comic book history.)

More relevant to this blog are the three books on the floor at his feet: Final Crisis #1 (2008), Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #4 (1995), and Infinite Crisis #1 (2005). Booster Gold played a role in all of these mini-series events, even appearing on some of their covers. But he does not appear in any of these particular issues, just as he doesn't appear in or on this issue.

So what's interesting about that?, I hear you say. What's interesting about this cover that Booster isn't on is that he's still kind of on it!

On a cover like this, a cover celebrating the fantasy and history of comic books and multiverses, where else should we expect to find Booster Gold — the first character introduced to the DC Universe after the initial Crisis and a modern superhero whose sole desire is to be famous enough to be a character in comic books — than inside the comic book box by Pariah's left foot labeled "A - B"!

© DC Comics

So close but yet so far, Booster.

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