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Friday, February 17, 2017

You Got Booster Gold in My Tank Engine

Hold on to your cabooses, Booster boosters, but there's about to be a Booster Gold-themed toy train.

Dash as Booster Gold © DC Comics & Fisher Price

That's the Thomas the Tank Engine character Dash dressed as Booster Gold, and he's just one of many new character mash-ups coming soon to a retailer near you, according to Matthew Mueller at

If you've got a young child, you might already be familiar with the Thomas & Friends Minis line of toys by Fisher-Price. There have been DC Comics variants of these toys for a couple of years, but Booster Gold is a new twist.

(I have only one complaint about this development. In TtTE mythology, Dash has a twin brother named Bash. So why isn't there a Blue Beetle-themed Bash to go with my Booster Gold Dash, Fisher-Price? #MissedOpportunity)

Either April Fool's Day has come early this year, or you'll be able to buy "Dash as Booster Gold" later this month.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Awesome Enough to Be a Real Thing

Two and a half years ago, we lamented that we couldn't have our own Booster Gold hoodie. Coyote Pop Clothing has finally heard our cries.

Booster Gold hoodie by Coyote Pop Clothing

The "Gold Hoodie!" is one of five DC Comics-inspired hoodies currently being offered by Coyote Pop. The description from their website reads

The hoodies are made from 100% polyester on the outside while the inside is lined with cotton. The print/design you see on the hoodie is printed on using a method called Hot Split Printing, which means the print will not fade or crack like normal printed clothing but feel like its integrated with the hoodie and very smooth to the touch.

You can order your own sweatshirt for $69 (plus shipping) at They are only taking orders until September 16, so if you want one, don't dawdle.

Thanks to Matthew Mueller of for pointing this out.

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