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Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Promotion Works (Except When It Doesn't)

Leave it to Russ Burlingame of to turn everything back to Booster Gold. That's why we like him so much.

Last week, Burlingame interviewed Marco Lopez and Bryan Ginn, creators of the independent comic Massively Effectively. Even though Burlingame was trying to help promote their book, he couldn't help turning the conversation back to the Greatest Superhero Ever™: Now, there's a Mass Effect poster in this series. What's the deal with the relationship you have with that video game in-story?

Ginn: The thing with that poster is that the comic was originally called Mass and Effect, because their names are Mass and Effect. I think on the poster... I don't know if it has the "and" part. And then I started remembering the whole thing that Jason Rubin went through who did the comic book for Aspen that was called Iron and the Maiden, and then Iron Maiden was suing them, saying they were too close to their trademark. It went back and forth and eventually he ended up changing the name to Iron Saint. So the comic shop was called Massively Effective Comics, so I was like, "Let's just change the title to Massively Effective." We didn't call it Massively Effective, and it wasn't originally called Mass and Effect, to get Mass Effect fans to read the comic book so we're hoping with Massively Effective that nobody has any problems with. Our backup title is just called Massively Effective Comics, just like the comic shop [laughs].

Lopez: Yeah, our original title was going to be "If Villainy You Detect, Just Call Mass and Effect," and then the whole Mass Effect video game became big and I was like, "Let's change the title. Just number one so there's no confusion and number two so we don't get sued." But the poster in the comic shop is because the two characters back in they day at some point licensed their rights away and made a bunch of movie selling comics and merchandise. That's how they actually–they used that money to open up their own comic book shop, so we threw that in there as a couple of different references. I can appreciate that. I'm a big Booster Gold guy, and he's done that before.

Ginn: Yeah, we're huge Booster Gold and Blue Beetle fans.

Well, if Ginn and Lopez are big Booster Gold fans, I can be a big Massively Effective fan. Good luck, guys!

For the whole interview, check out To get your hands on the Massively Effective comic itself, visit

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