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Friday, July 15, 2016

DeMatteis in the 80s

Mark Belkin recently interviewed J.M. DeMatteis for the "DC in the 80s" webzine. When the conversation turned to the JLI, the topic of writing for Booster Gold came up.

Mark Belkin: How was it writing Blue Beetle and Booster Gold?

J.M. DeMatteis: The great thing with those characters — and all characters, really — is when you're in 'the zone', you're not writing them, they're writing you. People say "What made you put Booster and Blue Beetle together?" We didn't! They did it! Blue and Gold were in some scenes together and something sparked. We followed them where they led us and this wonderful relationship developed that exists to this day.

Mark: Are you excited by the Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie?

JM: Don't know if Blue Beetle will appear in the movie, but I hope he does. It's being written by someone who has become a Twitter friend, Zack Stentz — who's written for the recent Thor and X-Men movies, as well as The Flash TV show. So Booster's in excellent hands.

The whole interview with DeMatteis, covering topics as varied as the writer's spirituality and comedic influences, can be found at

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