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It has been 79 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in an in-continuity DCU comic book.

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Monday, December 14, 2020

That Escalated (Kid) Quickly

Last week, Booster Gold appeared in the one-shot anthology DC's Very Merry Multiverse special, and the book immediately started selling for three times its cover price!

Okay, so the aftermarket mark-up has less to do with seeing Booster Gold inside Kingdom Come's Planet Krypton restaurant than the issue's being the first appearance of Kid Quick, the Flash of the upcoming Future State event. DC has promoted Kid Quick as a non-binary character, and even the "mainstream media" has taken notice.

While I'm always irritated by short-term comic speculation — especially these days, as the numbers of printed comics continues to fall — I'll not begrudge the introduction of a new non-binary hero. As I understand it, non-binary means the Kid will exhibit behavior outside the traditional binary male/female gender roles. I've consumed enough American pop culture to recognize that non-conforming gender characters have almost always represented as villains. For example, it's no accident that many of the designs of the troublemaking meta humans locked in the Gulag prison in the aforementioned Alex Ross and Mark Waid's 1996 Kingdom Come are the ones most outside the norms of what our society expects from "good" boys and girls.

(That was no accident. Ross painted such outsiders as Magenta from 1975's LGBTQ-friendly Rocky Horror Picture Show among the crowd to emphasize the point. In case I've given you the wrong idea, let me point out that one of the major themes of Kingdom Come is that the salvation of a fractured society lies in putting aside individual differences to embrace our shared humanity. It really is a great comic.)

Meanwhile, since I've wandered onto the subject of Kingdom Come, let's take a look at Booster Gold's only "appearance" in that mini-series:

© DC Comics

A quarter-century later, that name drop led to "Twas the Night" in DC's Very Merry Christmas, which is a pretty cool legacy. Who can guess what we'll see in the next quarter century? Only your friendly neighborhood time-traveler knows for sure.

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