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Friday, August 9, 2013

This Day in History: History Repeats Itself

On this day in 1994, Zero Hour concluded with issue #0. (The mini-series counted backwards from #4 to #0.)

Booster Gold had been erased from time through the events of earlier issues, and this issue doesn't actually show Booster return. However, he's around for Extreme Justice #0 a few months later, so I think we can safely assume he got back just fine. Here's hoping he can repeat that feat by 2014!

Over the years Zero Hours has been much criticized as a mediocre event used to justify rewriting the convoluted history of the DC Universe. In that way it was similar to Flashpoint.

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Where Zero Hour is drastically superior to Flashpoint is in the fold-out timeline on the back cover that shows explicitly what history had been changed by the event. Two years into the New 52, we still don't have any such guide for whatever nebulous changes Flashpoint made.

It isn't surprising that history repeats itself. It's just interesting to see the new wrinkles as it does so.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

What the Flashpoint?

WonderCon 2013 was this past weekend, and DC went ahead and made it official that Booster Gold will be guest-starring in All-Star Western #19-21. Our pal Russ Burlingame at reports writer Jimmy Palmiotti's quote from the "DC All Access Panel" yesterday:

In the next issue of Jonah Hex, we have a special guest... running around with Jonah Hex will be none other than Booster Gold.

You can read details from the whole panel at, but the fact that Booster will be in All-Star Western isn't really new news. However, something else I found reported from WonderCon is a little more exciting. reports that the "f" in the "WTF" issues appearing this month from DC will stand for "Flashpoint," and it seems that Booster won't just be travelling across the DCU, he'll be remembering it:

...Inside sources at DC were overheard this weekend at WonderCon 2013 saying we should expect to see plenty of the mysterious Pandora and finally hear Booster Gold admit that he remembers the old DC Universe!

It's about time! Thanks to MetalWoman and Morgenstern for posting the news in the Boosterrific Forum.

UPDATE 2013-04-01: More info at

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Old Releases: F:TWOFFS #1

The final issues of Booster Gold Vol. 2 hit the stands again today, collected in the Flashpoint: the World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman. That title may seem unnecessarily long, but then so did Flashpoint.

Other than Booster Gold issues #44 through #47, the collection includes The Canterbury Cricket one-shot and the complete Project Superman and World of Flashpoint mini-series. With a retail price of $17.99, that's eleven comics for the price of six! With pricing like this, why would anyone bother buying individual issues anymore?

If you have any interest in the expanded Flashpoint universe, you can't fault the value here. This volume contains the last appearance of Skeets to date if nothing else. Buy this collection and let DC know that you want more Skeets.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Releases: Goodbye DCU, Hello DCnU

Today marks the end of the DCU, as represented by Flashpoint #5, and the dawn of the DCnU, to be seen in Justice League, Volume 2, #1. It seems very unlikely that Booster Gold will appear in either book, though both affect his stories. By this time, I'm sure anyone reading this has an opinion about the Great DC Reboot of 2010, so buy them or not: Skeets is indifferent.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be a Booster Booster: Boycott Event Series

Readers love 'em, as evidenced by the fact that they sell like wildfire. But event books -- those mega summer crossovers -- have treated Booster Gold very poorly.

Booster lost his wealth and his title to Millennium. He temporarily ceased to exist in Zero Hour. Identity Crisis -- admittedly a downer for everyone in the DCU thanks to the the inferiority-complex driven rapist super villain and the ethically challenged heroes as a glorified red herring -- killed his relationship with Firehawk. Infinite Crisis went a step further and killed his best friend. And now Flashpoint has him failing at his job and losing his second title.

Those don't even include losing his powers to "Death of Superman" or his sidekick to evil in 52, both of which are more media stunts than event-driven mini-series. (If "Death of Superman" were done today, there would be 14 tie-in mini-series.) Booster should probably count his blessings that his involvement in Underworld Unleashed and Final Crisis was so limited.

Do good things ever happen to anyone in event series? Because good things certainly don't happen to Booster Gold.

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