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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

New Old Release: Final Night

DC released barely any new comics this week, at least none with Booster Gold in them. However, they did re-release a collected edition of their 1996 four-issue event mini-series, Final Night.

In this story, the star-devouring Sun Eater has devoured Earth's star, and the heroes of the DC Universe do what they can to prevent the complete collapse of civilization. It's kind of a dark story.

If you weren't around to read it the first time around, here's Booster Gold's entire contribution to the event:

© DC Comics
Final Night #1

© DC Comics
Final Night #3

And that's it. Not even a line of dialogue! The "Extreme Justice"-era was a lean time for our hero. (I'm sure he was very busy behind the scenes.)

Booster Gold's involvement aside, the mini-series is better known as the first step on the road to redeeming fallen hero Hal Jordan. It's also the event that kick-starts the infamous electric Superman Red/Superman Blue era. (Is it just a coincidence this collection is being released a week before DC launches the new Superman: Red and Blue title next week? I think not!)

It's not a bad story, and if you're not familiar, give it a look. At the very least, you're going to want to know what "really" happened before you read the inevitable Tales of the Dark Multiverse version.

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