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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Johns Says Yes, Snyder Says No Kidding

Russ Burlingame caught Geoff Johns on the red carpet opening for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and asked him about Booster Gold. This is what Johns said:

"You'll see [Booster Gold] very soon, and there's talks about ... there's actually a lot of plans for Booster Gold, one of my favorite characters. But yeah, Booster Gold fans, you will definitely be happy with what we've got coming up in the years ahead."

Years? Hmm. That seems like a long timetable, but at least Johns hasn't forgotten who Booster Gold is. Visit to read what Burlingame thinks this could mean for our hero.

On a very related note, the New York Daily News released an interview on Monday with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder. Asked why he recast the Flash for his movie to exclude the television version, Snyder said the tone of the television show is "not our world." Interviewer Ethan Sacks clarified the comment for his readers:

Simply put, [television's Grant] Gustin's Barry Allen smiles way too much to be allowed in the same Hall of Justice as Ben Affleck's Batman.

Snyder is the man behind the helm of the two upcoming Justice League movies scheduled for release over the next few years (perhaps tying in to Johns' Booster Gold timetable?), but if the only kind of movie he is willing to make is so serious that humor is strictly verboten, I have to hope that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will never make an appearance in them.

As a Blue and Gold fan, I'm not going to be happy if Booster finally shows up in the DC cinematic universe only to have to experience the events of Countdown to Infinite Crisis all over again.

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