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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New Old Release: Final Crisis

If you're headed to your Local Comic Shop today (perhaps looking for Young Justice #4 like me!), there is one new-ish Booster Gold appearance you could take home: Final Crisis DC Essential Edition.

© DC Comics

That said, if you're considering buying this because you're a Booster Gold collector, I can't really recommend that you do that. Booster makes a cameo appearance in only a couple of panels of that entire crossover. Only one of those is reprinted here. In fact, here it is.

© DC Comics

Now, if you're considering buying this because you are looking for a good read, I can't really recommend that you do that, either. Final Crisis is not DC's best crisis. It's far from Grant Morrison's best work, either. If you weren't around to read this when it was released in 2008, there are plenty of other, better comics that you could read instead.

In other words, reading Final Crisis in 2019 is the DC Comics-fan equivalent of a drug addict shooting up from someone else's discarded needle only because he desperately needs another fix. Just say no.

(Full disclosure: Despite having a run of over 350 consecutive issues of Detective Comics going, I stopped buying it when Final Crisis came along. I really didn't enjoy that story or how it handled Batman.)

(Supplemental disclosure: Detective Comics #1000 is the first issue of that title I have purchased since 2009. I enjoyed most of it except the story that leads directly into Detective Comics #1001. So it very well might be the last issue of Detective Comics that I buy until issue #2000 comes along in 2099.)

DC has a whole line of Essential Editions in the pipeline. If you like event stories, the superior Infinite Crisis DC Essential Edition will be along in July. If you like Morrison, his JLA New World Order DC Essential Edition came out last month, and his Batman Black Glove Saga DC Essential Edition will be along in in June.

In other words, there are plenty of great stories out there. Read some of them, but don't waste your time on this.

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