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Friday, May 1, 2015

Die, Booster Gold, Die!

In all the hullabaloo this week over Convergence Booster Gold #1, you may not have noticed that there was more new Booster Gold on the shelves of your Local Comic Shop this week.

No, I'm not talking about Booster's appearance in Convergence Blue Beetle, though you should buy that too. I'm talking about the addition of Booster Gold to the WizKids Dice Masters game!

DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League

This week saw the release of the DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League set, which allows you to roll custom dice based on the logos of dozens of your favorite DC characters, including Booster Gold. Those are the six sides of Booster's cube pictured on the card above.

There are three versions of Booster in the set (common, uncommon, and rare), randomly included in the "booster" packs. (Sorry, but Booster isn't included in the starter set.)

So when you go to your LCS tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day, consider dropping a few bucks on a Dice Masters' booster. In addition to supporting your LCS — who I remind you do have to buy the comics they are giving you for free — you might just get lucky and take home a Booster Gold gaming cube of your very own.

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