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Monday, August 1, 2011

Eyz Recommends Eaglemoss

Frequent commenter Eyz recently reviewed the Eaglemoss Booster Gold figurine on his blog G33k Life. (Most of you probably know Eyz from his Heroes! parody comic strips.) The statuette was produced in September 2009 as the 20th in a series of licensed DC Comics characters especially for the European market. Eyz was kind enough to share some information about the accompanying DC Super Hero Figure Collectible Magazine for inclusion on

© DC Comics & Eaglemoss Publications

"The DC magazines that come with the figurines all use the same template, that is 20 pages in full colors of bio and various information. Basically, it's sort of what you'd find on Wikipedia but only illustrated by various scans. (Well, more like Boosterrific itself in that regards!)"

© DC Comics & Eaglemoss Publications

"Then there's a 3 pages spread 'Classic Storylines' narrating important moments of the character. For Booster it concerns the original arc against the 100 and then 52!"

"After that, there are 3 pages on allies & enemies -- Max, Ted Kord, Jaime, Rip Hunter, etc. -- with pictures and all as well. This is followed by a double page spread on his costume and powers."

© DC Comics & Eaglemoss Publications

"The last two pages are the same for all figurines/characters. It's the 'DC Comics Timeline', narrating the whole DC Universe from the creation of the universe, medieval times with Etrigan, the old west, etc. [The timeline section] in Booster's magazine is 'Part 11: 10,000 to 9,000 Years ago'."

Big thanks to Eyz for the details.

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