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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Terrible Trio

In this modern age of reinventing the DC Universe (again), once familiar characters are reappearing with only superficial similarities to what came before. While this clean slate allows for redevelopment of existing properties, it also allows those previously established characters to interact with one another in new and exciting ways.

While we're left to wonder how Booster Gold will emerge from his forced hiatus, John Simcoe of Comics on the Brain is using his time to pair Booster with some other not -so-familiar faces to the world at large: time-displaced Roman soldier Alpha Centurion and time-displaced cowboy Terra-Man.

That leads CotB to suggest that these three characters need to be pulled together. Perhaps they need a common origin. Perhaps the same aliens that kidnapped Terra-Man are the same that conscripted Alpha Centurion. Or even better, what if the "aliens" they thought they encountered weren't aliens at all, but Booster Gold operating as one of the Linear Men.

Heck, why not re-launch the Linear Men as a team of time-displaced characters from DC's pantheon specializing in the skills of their respective eras? Alan Moore gave the concept charm with Supreme's League of Infinity. Given that DC enjoys nothing more than exploiting the ideas of Alan Moore, this seems like a natural fit.

You can read Simcoe's full post (along with a brief description of who Alpha Centurion and Terra-Man are) here.

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