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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Talking World Politics in Comic Books

In the most recent "International Exchange" interview, Dan Jurgens implied that he hoped to bring some verisimilitude to the pages of the Justice League International. It appears that he is doing something right.

The website of Foreign Policy magazine recently ran the article "The League of Extraordinarily Bureaucratic Gentlemen" by Colum Lynch. The article uses Jurgens' JLI to reflect the historical peacekeeping role of the United Nations and question the United States of America's leadership role in the global environment. Quote:

Jurgens says that while he, personally, has been favorably disposed to the United Nations he sought to portray the world organization as morally ambiguous, neither intrinsically good nor bad, and a target of intense affection and revulsion, much as it is in the real world.

The decision to place the United States in the background was also intentional. "Within this country we're probably arrogant enough to think that the U.N. should be an American-controlled institution. I don't have that thought," says Jurgens.

The article identifies Booster Gold as an American (ignoring DiDio's recent jest that Booster is a Canadian), partially because it fits with the author's supposition about the decline of America's leadership position. Frankly, we could all do a lot worse than replacing "American exceptionalism" with "American Booster-ism."

Agree or disagree, the article is worth a read if only to see how the politically-minded, non-comics reading population interprets the latest politically correct Justice League International. You can find the entire article at

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