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Monday, June 17, 2013

Digging up the Past at Al Baleed

Visit the Historic Port City of Al Baleed

Last week I got a tweet from Brian Miller, who you may know as @hificolor or the colorist on Booster Gold, volume 2.

June 12 — @boosterrific Not comic related, I created art for an archaeological dig. Appreciate if you tweet or blog about it.

While this isn't strictly comic related, what could be more Boosterrific than a Booster Gold artist trying to raise money through merchandising? Of course I'll blog about it!

Visit Miller's campaign at to find out where in the world Al Baleed, Oman, is and why anyone should want to be digging there. Contributors who pledge $30 or more to help the archaeological excavation before July 5 will receive a 13" x 19" lithograph (pictured at left) created and signed by Miller.

Get yourself a neat-o piece of art and give to a good cause — science! What more could anyone ask for?

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Super Booster Gold Sketch from Phoenix Comicon

Finishing up this week of long-overdue professional fan art posts is this gem coming out of Phoenix Comicon last month. This one I intentionally held it until the end of this week in order to coincide with the annual Superman Celebration now underway in Metropolis, Illinois.

Booster Gold and Superman by Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Brian Miller

Jonah Hex is nice, but who could be a better team-up for Booster Gold and Skeets than Superman? Makes you look forward to what might be coming from DC for Booster Gold volume 3.

According to Norm Rapmund, who posted this image to his Twitter media gallery, this bit of art was something that he and Dan Jurgens did "for fun." Jurgens did pencil art that Rapmund finished with inks and Brian Miller (aka Hi-Fi Designs) provided color. What a super team!

You can find a larger, better version of this image (and a pre-colored b&w copy of the inks) at

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brian (Hi-Fi) Miller on Coloring

Brian Miller of Hi-Fi Designs has a thing or two to say about the coloring of Booster Gold. I'm probably one of the few who miss the days of the 4-color Ben-Day dots in newsprint comic books, but that doesn't mean that I'm adverse to learning how modern coloring is done. As the most influential colorist in Booster Gold's recent career resurgence, Miller's opinion on coloring our hero's character carries some weight. You can read his blog about making Booster golden here.

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