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Friday, January 26, 2018

Back to the Booster Cave

Just as Booster Gold's time with Superman is winding down, DC announces the party is continuing with Batman!

From April solicitations released earlier this week:

Written by TOM KING
Variant cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
"THE TRAVELERS" part one! Booster Gold has come to Gotham City, and he's enlisting Batman and Catwoman to go on a time-traveling mission to rescue . . . Booster Gold!

It seems a younger Booster Gold has gone back in time to kidnap an even younger version of himself, and to rescue his own past, Booster must pursue both of his previous incarnations through Batman's history to find out what is going on.

The start of a new story that will sow the seeds for a whole new epic to come—and also the return of Master Class artist Tony S. Daniel (DAMAGE) to BATMAN!
On sale APRIL 18 • $2.99 US

This story must be what Tom King was hinting at on Twitter earlier this month.

Next. -@TomKingTK, January 9, 2018

Buckle up, Booster boosters, 2018 is the year of Booster Gold!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Double Dose of Dan (Jurgens)

Ambush Bug of Ain't It Cool News interviewed Dan Jurgens on Monday. There's not a lot of new information in the interview, but there is at least one key bit of awesomeness:

BUG: This is Ain't It Cool News. What can you tell us that you haven't told any of the other news sites about what's coming up for JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL?

DJ: The Booster Cave! We alluded to it in issue #2 and we'll reveal it in issue #7, if all goes as planned. And it's not what you think!

Looks like in March 2012 we'll be touring a cave! I've already got my official Cave Carson L'iL Spelunker's Hard Hat™ on!

Jurgens was also recently interviewed for the inaugural column in the "On the Five" series at It's A Dan's World:

IADW: As a defining creator for characters like Booster Gold, do you still find yourself maternal over what those characters do in the hands of others?

DJ: ...yes, I think any creator remains a bit paternal in regard to character's he's created. There's always going to be that sense of vested interest in a character that lasts over the years. Sometimes you'll see a later writer do something cool, other times one wonders what the hell they were thinking because it's so out of character.

Sure, we already knew it, but it's good to be reminded that Dan still cares about about the child of his imagination, Booster Gold. Note that Jurgens is specifically referring to "a character that lasts over the years." Does that mean that Jurgens no longer cares for Booster's long-forgotten first arch-nemesis, the Director? Abandoned by his father, no wonder he turned to evil!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dan Jurgens at New York Comic Con 2011

On Tuesday Vaneta Rogers asked Dan Jurgens the question of the week in her column "JURGENS Talks Fast-Moving JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL" at

Nrama: Does Booster really have a "Booster Cave?" Will we see it soon?

Jurgens: Of course, the "Booster Cave" is real! In a sense, anyway. And, yes, you will see it.

I'm already giddy with anticipation, but Jurgens is coy as usual. If that answer is still too vague for you, there's still time to make travel plans to meet Jurgens at this weekend's New York Comic Con.

Dan Jurgens' website,, indicates that Jurgens will be at the convention for 2 days, October 14 and 15, but the convention website,, only notes that Jurgens will be present for the "DC All Access: Justice League" panel on Saturday, October 15. Maybe Jurgens is attending on Friday as a fan.

No doubt Jurgens will talk about Booster Gold and the rest of the Justice League International as part of the "DC All Access: Justice League" panel. Jurgens will be one of many creators on the one hour panel, including Brian Azzarello, Brian Buccellato, Cliff Chiang, Yildiray Cinar, Tony Daniel, Geoff Johns, JT Krul, Jim Lee, Francis Manapul, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Philip Tan, and Eric Wallace.

Despite that stellar line-up, the panel is scheduled to last only one hour, from noon to 1PM. Fourteen creators on one panel for one hour? That means that each creator should get to speak for just about 3 minutes each. Choose your questions wisely, attendees.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the

This post contains potential spoiler information. Click here to reveal.
(Don't peek unless you've read Justice League International #2.)

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