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Friday, August 26, 2011

Art Brut-ster Gold

As has been previously revealed by his "Booster Gold" tribute song, Eddie Argos, the rock-and-rolling frontman for Art Brut, is a big Booster Gold fan. How big a fan, you ask? Pretty big.

[Argos is] so obsessed with DC character Booster Gold that he often wears a Booster Gold costume around the house. "It’s quite a nice look for me," he says.

I have no idea how big the Venn diagram of the intersection between indie rock musicians and DC comic book readers is, but it's good to know that the San Francisco Examiner thinks it's worth reporting.

You can read the whole article about Argos and his new comic-influenced album at And if you're in San Francisco tonight and in the mood to rock, Art Brut will be playing at 9PM at The Independent.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

And It Looks Like He's Always Glowing

Musician Eddie Argos and his pals have created a song about Booster Gold:

"Booster Gold" is just one of the 3 tracks on Spoiler Alert!. (The other two tracks are "Batman" and "Blue Beetle.") More details about the album are available on Argos' Blog, The Eddie Argos Resource. But if you like what you hear, just head directly to Corporate Records UK to purchase the track -- or the entire album.

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