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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Today marks the observance of America Recycles Day, a day organized by Keep America Beautiful to promote national awareness of the benefits of waste recycling. Since is devoted to comic books, it is only natural that we celebrate with comic books, and in today's case, action figures!

DC's New 52 is nothing but an experiment in recycling ideas. I asked last week what you thought about recycling one of Booster's oldest powers, and a plurality of today's voters act like they've never even heard of it! Seriously, people, you're reading a site called Boosterrific and you haven't checked out our section on Booster Gold's powers?

Last week's poll question: Should Booster Gold use his long-ignored Mass Dispersal Force power in future adventures on TV or in the DCnU? (37 votes)

Should Booster Gold use his long-ignored Mass Dispersal Force power in future adventures on TV or in the DCnU?

Today, through their website Matty Collector, Mattel releases Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold for the the last time. This release is part of the "Final Figures" series of JLU figures from Mattel, as the company tries to clean out their warehouse on this discontinued line of figures. The Booster in this set has been previously released in two different paints, so today's Booster Gold figure is really nothing new. That makes this Booster the perfect spokesman for America Recycles Day!

Booster aside, this "Final Figures" series 3-pack also includes exclusive versions of Blue Beetle and Fire, an ideal collectible for fans of the original Justice League International. If you're interested in acquiring limited edition set, act fast! Matty Collector figures don't last long, and this thirty dollar 3-pack is limited to quantities of 10. Hopefully, given Mattel's valiant effort at recycling figures, there will be enough sets to go to everybody who wants one.

Speaking of action figures, it seemed that Booster Gold got a new figure every year in recent years, but nothing since Flashpoint. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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