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Friday, September 28, 2012

Always There When You Need Him

The Boosterrific Forum will be closed until further notice to conserve bandwidth. I'm having problems with leeching from spambots that I will have to solve before it costs me any more money. I'm hoping that since no one has posted in the Forum for over 2 weeks and no Booster Gold comics are being published anymore, this shutdown won't pose too much of a problem for anyone.

For those of you who don't know how the internet works, this website is allotted a fixed data transfer amount per month. This is measured by the amount of data sent between the web server and the computer you are reading this on. Right now, I'm throwing away bandwidth to automated spam scripts that aren't using my data in any positive way. Since the host of is monitoring and charging me for that bandwidth usage, I have to find a way to stop or reduce the waste. The Forum will remain shut down until I code an effective solution for the problem (timetable unknown). Sorry.

To distract you from that unhappy news, I present to you with no commercial interruptions "Time Traveling Hero", a poem by Alex Tisdale.

In bright fettered darkness;
If ever you need me...
Lost deep in the timestream–
That is where I will be.
Past, present, and future–
There is so much to see!
But I must keep going,
To maintain that you're free.

You can find more of writer/illustrator Tisdale's work on his Wordpress or his Tumblr blogs.

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