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The Human Target

“When We Are Born”

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2022
Released November 2, 2021

Cover Price: $4.99



Writer: Tom King
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Colorist: Rain Beredo
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Assistant Editor: Ben Meares
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover Artists: Trevor Hairsine, Danny Miki

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Cover Description: This book has multiple covers. Cover A by Greg Smallwood shows the arms of the Justice League International (including Booster Gold's fist) aiming weapons at the back of Christopher Chance. Cover B by Trevor Hairsine, Danny Miki and Rain Beredo shows the Justice League International (including Booster Gold's left) lounging. Booster Gold does not appear on the 1:25 variant cover.

Brief Synopsis: Christopher Chance thinks back on the events leading to his death.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Cameo (Booster Gold makes a minor appearance)

Costume Worn: MARK I power-suit

Issue Notes: This book is published under the "DC Black Label" imprint, meaning it is intended for mature audiences.

This story has been reprinted in:
The Human Target Book One (2022)

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Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 26, panel 1
Booster Gold is seen as a member of the Justice League International in a flashback image. Also pictured are Batman, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Fire, G’Nort, Guy Gardner, Ice, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle, and Rocket Red #4. This picture does not represent any active roster. Black Canary left the League (and soon after that costume) following Justice League International #13. Ice Maiden and Green Flame joined the team in Justice League International #15, but they wouldn't wear these particular costumes until after the series had been renamed, in Justice League America #31.

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