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To date, writers, artists, and editors at DC Comics have worked to present the adventures of Booster Gold. Use the following drop down menus to find artists by role or name.



Notes about the entries:

Artists listed are the artists who were credited with producing a given issue. In cases where multiple artists worked on a given issue, only artists who contributed to pages of a story featuring Booster Gold are listed unless contribution is unclear. In those cases, every artist working on the issue will be listed. Cover Artists are listed only if Booster Gold appears in their artwork for the cover of an issue (variants included).

Credited roles may be slightly different than described in original publications. For example:

Artists receiving credit as "writer," "script," "dialogue," "breakdowns," "plot," "story" or similar were designated as Writers for the purpose of this site.

Pencillers are anyone receiving credit as "pencils," "art," "drawing," "illustrations," "backgrounds," etc., and may include art created in a medium other than traditional graphite.

Inkers are "inkers," "art," "fill," etc. where inker is clearly differentiated from the penciller. In cases where one person is credited as sole story artist (as is becoming increasingly more common in the digital age), that artist will be listed as both a Penciller and an Inker.

Colors and Separations are both identified as Colorists.

Letterers are any artists receiving credit for creating the diaglog printed in an issue, no matter whether they did so via digital or traditional media or whether they created the fonts in use.

Credited "Assistant" and "Associate" editor titles have been combined into the Assistant Editor role. "Senior," "group," "issue," and "story" editors are simplified into just Editors. Both Assistant Editors and Editors are reported on the same page.



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SPOILER WARNING: The content at may contain story spoilers for DC Comics publications.