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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Mayfairstivus for the Rest of Us! Day 2

The Mayfair Exponential Game System (MEGS), developed for the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game uses a logarithmic system of Attribute Points for tracking character's powers and abilities. In an attempt to simplify the rules, the MEGS Attribute Points are used universally for all powers and abilities for each character and object in the game. This makes comparison between characters fast and relatively easy.

For example, Booster Gold's Dexterity score of 6 means that thanks to his augmented powersuit, Booster is twice as agile as a hero with a Dexterity score of 5 (such as his teammate Fire), and 16 times more nimble than a normal, untrained human with a Dexterity score of 2 (such as Maxwell Lord). This system allows characters like Booster Gold, whose powersuit has a Strength score of 7, to play in the same game as characters as comparatively weak as Blue Beetle (Strength 4) or as powerful as Superman (Strength 25!).

Booster Gold Illustrated Character Card â„¢ and © DC Comics Inc. 1989

The above image is the reverse of the Booster Gold character card that was included in the second edition box set of the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game. These stats and abilities represent Booster as he appeared in Justice League International. By this time, Booster has already lost his fortune and deactivated Skeets. This is clearly represented by a Wealth score of 3, indicating that Booster had an annual income of $10,000, low by even 1989 standards. How the mighty had fallen!

Interestingly, Booster Gold was given the Secret Identity drawback. This is a common drawback for DC Heroes; the rulebook even suggests, "Nearly every Character in the DC Universe has this Drawback." In Booster's case, this drawback indicates his morally questionable past. Though Booster Gold has only one identity in the 20th century, if his background as a gambler and thief were publicly known, it would compromise his heroic reputation considerably.

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