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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No New Comics? Turn on the TV.

It seems like the first time in weeks that something Booster Gold related hasn't been released on New Comic Book Day. Of course, the new Batman Beyond series debuts today, but it is unlikely to contain any Booster Gold references. So what's a fan to do with no new comic books? Since Batman Beyond began as a television show, it seems natural to turn to television, of course.

Surely by now everyone has heard that Geoff Johns has a live action Blue Beetle in the works. Hearing reports that Geoff Johns tweeted the news would sound like an April Fool's joke if this weren't June. But here it is. If Jonah Hex can get a movie and Blue Beetle can get a pilot, could we be one step closer to a live action Booster Gold? Finally there's a good reason to buy an HDTV.

UPDATE: Screen caps of the Blue Beetle pilot are up at DC's The Source blog. The DC blog also has a bit of info on the new, black Aqualad created specifically for the planned Young Justice cartoon. TV is the place to be for DC! (I apologize for the previous sentence. I don't know what I was thinking.)

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