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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Who Do You See Here?

I bought and read Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. For what it's worth, I liked it fine but am at a complete loss to understand how these characters' continuities connect to the characters in Bendis's 2019 Young Justice series. (Why do I care more about continuity than DC does? What's the point of an event series celebrating "legacy" characters if the details of that legacy are an unexplained mystery?) But how I feel about the book isn't what brings me here today.

No, today's topic is "Who is standing behind Booster Gold?"

© DC Comics
art by Laura Braga

I had hoped that the answer to that question would be in the published issue. It is not. That means that all I have to go on is the image itself. So besides Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, I can confidently identify only (1) Cyborg, (5) Wonder Girl, and (7) Starfire. Who are those others?

The purple hood on number (2) makes me think it is supposed to be Raven or Spoiler, however the darker skin makes me think maybe Vox? (Please don't be Pandora.)

There's a pretty good chance that number (3) is Doctor Light without her headpiece, yet (4) certainly can't be Wally West in his pre-Rebirth costume, can it? For all I know, (3) and (4) could just as easily be Outsiders Katana and Geo-Force.

Things get really weird with number (6). She sure looks like Black Canary, but Canary was a member of the League, and for several weeks, it has been implied that she "died" off panel in Justice League #75. I note neither she nor her fellow leaguers Green Arrow or Zatanna get a statue here or in the same scene Dark Crisis #1. Are they all alive? If so, shouldn't they be leading this memorial service instead of standing in the crowd?

And of course, number (8) is Booster Gold again, right? He loves funerals so much, he's already time-traveled back for more!

Naturally, a definitive answer to these identifications is useful only to totally obsessed fans like me who track fictional character interactions. However, if any of you other totally obsessed Booster boosters have any other guesses, I'd love to hear them.

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