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Friday, June 26, 2015

30 Years of Chemistry

Behind every great man there is a great woman. In Booster Gold's case, that woman was Trixie Collins.

Theresa "Trixie" Collins was a red-headed Kansas girl hired to be Booster's original secretary at Goldstar, Inc. She would later move up in the organization to be the first to wear the Goldstar sidekick costume. Like all good Girl Fridays, she was an incredibly competent, level-headed voice of reason in an otherwise insane work environment. And she was far too professional to fall for her boss.

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It seemed there were sparks between the two, but the coming of Millennium seemed to destroy any hope readers had of seeing their relationship come to fruition. I've always wondered if Dan Jurgens felt love was in the cards for his creations. So I asked him.

In the beginning, I saw Booster as having two voices that would serve as his conscience. Skeets was one, serving as more of his guide through aspects of the era they were in and against villains. Trixie would function more as his conscience in terms of how he dealt with people. There was plenty of room for both.

And while I never intended that there would ever be a romantic relationship, I did see a place for deep, friendly affection between them.

No matter what Jurgens intended, I have to believe that Booster would have charmed his way out the friend zone if he hadn't been forced to leave Metropolis on such short notice. But long-distance relationships rarely work out.

The True Story of Booster Gold

My eternal thanks to Dan Jurgens for stocking Booster's world with so many wonderful characters. (Happy Birthday, Dan!)

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