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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December of DesperOMAC

Every year in December, Diabolu Frank of The Idol Head of Diablou spotlights fandom's favorite 3-eyed, fin-headed alien, Despero. This year, Booster Gold joins the salute thanks to the work of a couple of clever fans.

BEFORE NEW 52: BOOSTER GOLD by pabloalcaldefdez

When the classic Kevin Maguire cover of 1987 Justice League #1 looks like this, it's a job for time cop Booster Gold!

This homage by Spanish artist Pablo Alcalde Fernandez can be found on his Deviant Art page, where he posts as PabloAlcaldeFdez. Pablo titled the piece "Before New 52: Booster Gold" and provides the following description:

Booster Gold arrives a parallel Earth, where he find the original Maxwell Lord and the only superhero of that world: Despero. There he find that his supposed hero buddies have become villains, the International Crime Syndicate. From top left to right: Mr. Answer (The Question), Power Girl, Silver Spider (Blue Beetle), Owlman (Batman), Manhunter (Martian Manhunter), Maxwell Lord, Booster Gold and Despero (in Omac suit).

Despero as a One Man Army Corps? Yes, please! In fact, this piece was created to illustrate an Earth-3 story idea (wherein Booster Gold tries to correct history for the Crime Syndicate and rescue the real Maxwell Lord) by Pedro Angosto. You can read the whole pitch on Pedro's site, Hombre de Bronze. (The site is in Spanish, but you can always have Google translate it like I did.)

If you're desperate for some more Despero, consider dropping by these pages today:

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See you next year, Despero!

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