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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

New Old Release: Green Arrow Black Canary TPB

Back before the DCU was overwritten by the DCnU, and before "The Arrowverse" was a thing on TV, Green Arrow and Black Canary got married in the appropriately titled Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special in 2007. Everyone who was anyone was there, which means that of course Booster Gold was there — in a strictly non-speaking cameo appearance.

© DC Comics

Ok, well, technically, as we now know (but Booster didn't at the time), Booster didn't really attend the marriage as there wasn't any actual marriage in that issue. In follow-up issues of Green Arrow/Black Canary, it was soon revealed that the Green Lantern who exchanged vows in The Wedding Special was an imposter. But that's sort of par for the course in the star-crossed Arrow/Canary relationship.

Someone at DC must love doomed weddings, because this week The Wedding Special, previously collected in The Wedding Album, is getting collected for a second time in Green Arrow/Black Canary: Till Death Do They Part.

As you can see, even if the unions don't last, memories of weddings are eternal. That's why you should get yourself in as many wedding photos as possible. Consider it another good lesson learned from Booster Gold comics.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Time for a Wedding!

To all of my fellow Americans waking up early on a weekend to watch the much ballyhooed wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, know that you're not alone.

On the occasion of the Marriage of his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales with The Lady Diana Spencer

Booster Gold loves royal weddings, too. (He's been to all of them.)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Old Release: Superman Wedding Album

Today's featured comic book has nothing to do with Booster Gold directly. Booster does not appear appear in 1996's Superman: The Wedding Album", so it's unlikely that he appears in today's re-titled reprint, DC Presents Lois & Clark 100-Page Spectacular.

Still, I would hope that Booster Gold fans would support this issue. Not only was Dan Jurgens a big contributor, but support for this and Jurgens' Superman: Lois and Clark series indicate that there is still an audience for the continuity abandoned by Flashpoint.

If we ever want to see a continuation/conclusion of the stories in Booster Gold volume 2 — Who is the Black Beetle? Who is Rip Hunter's mother? Whatever happened to Ranni? — we need to show DC that we still care.

And, hey, if nothing else, it'll be a nice change of pace to read a comic about a likable Superman again.

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